1888 November 4 Vincent van Gogh painted the Red Vineyard (75.0 x 93.0 cm).
1890 January Anna Boch bought the painting during the Brussels expo Les XX
2015 Francoise Levie made the film Anna and Vincent
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cover of the film Anna & Vincent
Chrysanthemes by Anna BochLa desserte by Anna BochNature morte au gibier  by Anna Boch

While painting Van Gogh was not standing in front of the Vineyard,
he painted it at the Yellow House
completely out of memory and imagination
the day after he walked through the nearby Wine plantation.

Thomas Blondel, Alfred Blondel, the filmmaker Francoise Levie, her daughter Sarah Moon Howe and Ben von Solms
Presentation of the film Anna & Vincent
at the Wellington Museum in Waterloo, near Brussels.
In the center of the picture the film maker Francoise Levie with her daughter
and Anna Boch's family,
the sculptor Alfred Blondel, his son Thomas Blondel
and Ben von Solms, editor of the Anna website.

Fancoise Levie is a famous Belgian filmmaker.
She is running the production company Memento Production.
Françoise Levie has inherited the film passion from her father Pierre Levie.
She has also transmited it to her daughter Sarah Moon Howe.
Françise Levie has made many film about culture,
one about the Belgium painter Alfred Stevens.

the sculptor Alfred BlondelEugen Boch painted by Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh by Vincent van Gogh, 1889
Alfred Blondel was telling fascinating stories about Anna and Eugene Boch
he has know both of them when he was still a child.
Talking to him was realy fascinating for the editor of the website.
Alfred's grandmother was Elisa Boch Blondel, the sister of Anna and Eugène Boch.
His scuptures are ful of creativity, as if he had inherited the talent of his great aunt.

Ben Solms runs the Cremerie de Paris at the Hotel de Villeroy,
an expo center from Very Beautiful Brands.
His great great great grandfather Eugen von Boch was the brother of Victor Boch, Anna Boch's father.
As a child Therèse Thomas, his grandfather and his mother have fasinated him for Anna Boch.
Cremerie de Paris and the Hotel de Villeroy have always attracted creative people

from very different backgrounds.
It is possible that back in 1888 Eugène Boch has shown the place to Vincent van Gogh.
At the time they both lived in Montmartre.
During the early years of the Internet Cremerie de Paris was the first Internet Cafe in Paris.
Anna is one of many domain names that were registered at the Café.

Vigne Rouge by Vincent van Gogh
The Red
history of what might be the World's
most valuable painting

Anna and Vincent - Teaser

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Anna Boch portrait by Theo van Rysselberghe decoration the entrance of the Wellington Museum
Anna Boch portrait by Theo van Rysselberghe
at the entrance of the Wellington Museum Reception Hall

Anna Boch paintings decorating the reception
Reproductions from some Anna Boch paintings decorating the reception

Anna Boch painting Paradoux
Anna Boch painting "Paradoux" datant de 1918

Anna Boch, Eugene Boch, Vincent van Gogh timeline
Historic Timeline of Anna Boch, Eugene Boch and Vincent van Gogh

vernissage du Film Anna et Vincent
The cocktail shortly before showing the film

Francoise Levie, Momento Productions, her daughter and Ben von Solms, editor of the Phone Book of the World
The film maker Françoise Levie, her daughter and
the editor of the Anna Boch website at the end of a beautiful reception.