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The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh 1888
1888 November 4 Vincent van Gogh painted the Red Vineyard (75.0 x 93.0 cm).

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While painting Van Gogh was not standing in front of the Vineyard,
he painted it at the Yellow House
completely out of memory and imagination
the day after he walked through the nearby Wine plantation.

A Letter from Vincent van Gogh to uncle Eugene
mentionning the project to paint
the Red Vineyard

letter from Vincent van Gogh to Eugene Boch
1888 October 2 Vincent van Gogh sends a letter to Eugene Boch
mentionning his project to paint the Red Vineyard ....

"Eh bien je dois aller travailler
dans la vigne près de Mont Major.
Elle est toute pourpré jaune vert sous le ciel bleu,
un beau motif de couleur."

"Ah well, I have to go to work
in the vineyard, near Mont Majour.
It’s all purplish yellow green under the blue sky,
a beautiful, colour motif."

letter mentionning the Red Vineyard
read the full letter - lire toute la lettre

Vincent van Gogh is invited by uncle Octave Maus
to present his paintings au salon de XX à Bruxelles

Octave Maus, cousin of Anna Boch, great uncle of the editor of this website
1889 November 15 Octave Maus sends a letter to Vincent van Gogh
to invite him expose his paintings

"The association requests you,
Sir, to kindly let us know as soon as possible if you accept its invitation,
as the number of these is strictly limited,
and to inform us before 15 December (1889) of the notes and comments
you wish to see featured in the catalogue."

read the full letter

1889 November 20 Vincent van Gogh responds:
I accept with pleasure your invitation to exhibit with the Vingtistes.
Here is the list of canvases I intend for you

No 1 Sunflowers
2 Sunflowers
3 The ivy4
4 Orchard in blossom (Arles)
5 Wheatfield. Rising sun (St-Rémy)

6 The Red Vineyard (Montmajour)
7 (All these canvases are no. 30 canvases.)

I am perhaps exceeding the 4 metres of room
but as I believe that the 6 together, thus chosen,
will make a rather varied colour effect, perhaps you will find a way of placing them.

Please accept the expression of my entire fellow-feeling for the Vingtistes.
Vincent van Gogh

read the full letter

7th Expo of les XX mentionning Vincent van Gogh

The presence of van Goghs paintings cause some turbulences.
There is a discussion wheather art should be considered what is "officiel or academic"
while "modern" paintings
did not correspond to the taste of the time of most people.

The journal "l'Art moderne" edited by Octave Maus
presents van Gogh as one of the artists who will be most discussed.

Henry de Groux who was also part of the XX mouvements
creates a scandal and wants the van Gogh paintings
to be withdrawn.

According to the legend Claude Monet
considered van Gogh's paintings the best one on the expo.

1890 January 18 opening of the expo Les XX
1890 February 23 closing of the expo Les XX

letter from Vincent van Gogh to Eugene Boch
To show her public support
Anna Boch decides to buy the Red Vineyard.
The price was 400 Francs (about 2000 $ in todays values).

Prices of van Gogh paintings
sold at Auctions

Different reasons might have been at the origine of the purchase:
She must have liked the beauty of the painting.

She wanted to show public support to Van Gogh,
as his arrival at the Expo was very criticized.

She wanted to financially support him as she knew the artist was very poor

Eugen Boch painted by Vincent van Gogh
Last not least she might have wanted to please her
younger brother Eugene 
who was a friend,
more likely a secret boyfriend of Vincent van Gogh.

The purchase made Anna Boch
enter the history books
as the Red Vinyard painting
is believed to be
the one and only painting
Van Gogh sold during his lifetime.

It is possible that van Gogh sold other paintings,
but according to Dr Therèse Thomas
the Red Vineyard was the only "official" sale
which got recorded
and which was noticed by the Art World.

The Red VineyardPeach Blossoms in the Crau
Anna Boch owned 2 van Gogh paintings,
.... her brother Eugene several

1890 July 29 death of Vincent van Gogh
1891 January 25 death of Theo van Gogh (Vincent van Gogh's brother and manager)

1890 to 1906
The Red Vineyard at the Villa Anna in Brussels

Villa La Grimpette
Anna Boch kept the painting in her beautiful house
in the rue de l´Abbaye in Brussels until 1906.

The painting was located in her "salon de musique" on the ground floor,
next to her most important Impressionist paintings like
the Gauguin, Seurat and Signac.

In the "salon de musique" she organised concerts, every monday,
with young musicians and singers she wanted to promote.
While listening to the music,
her guest were able to admire the beautiful van Gogh paintings.

Salle à Musique, the room in the Villa Anna where the Red Vineyard was first displayed

Sale of the Red Vineyard at the Galerie Bernheim Jeune

Galerie Bernheim Jeune, place de la Madeleine
1906 Anna Boch sold the Red Vineyard for 10,000 francs
at the Galerie Bernheim Jeune,
25 Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris,
5 minutes from place de la Concorde.
1909 the Hotel Crillon located there only opened as a Grand Hotel 3 years later .

Galerie Bernheim, Paris

The reason for her sale was not the need of the money.
Her father Victor Boch had given her
significant amounts of shares in both Ceramics companies
Keramis Boch Frères in La Louvière directed by himself
and Villeroy & Boch in Mettlach, directed by his brother
Eugen von Boch.
The dividens received from both companies
enabled her to buy paintings whenever she wanted.

La Seine near Isle de la Jatte by Georges Seurat
The money from the Red Vineyard sales
was reinvested in Signac paintings
later donated to the Royal Museeums of Fine Arts in Brussels

The reason was that she was intimidated
by the extraordinary talent of van Gogh.
She was so impressed by the paintings
that she could no longer paint herself.

Prices of van Gogh paintings
sold at Auctions

Update of this article
Sale of the Red Vineyard at the Galerie Eugène Druet ???

Galerie Eugene Druet, 20 rue Royale, 75008 Paris

2018 November 27 Cremerie de Paris,
home of the website Anna
got an email from Pieter van Ostroom from the Netherlands.

"The painting ‘The Red Vineyard’
by Vincent van Gogh was never in the Sergei Shchukin collection,
it was Ivan A. Morozov
who bought this work at the Eugène Druet Galerie in 1909.

Ivan Morozov

This can be verified at the Pushkin Museum website
or in the Catalogue Raisonné
The Works of Vincent van Gogh: His Paintings and Drawings
by Dr. Jacob de la Faille.
It is not our mission to correct all the mistakes and mythes
concerning Van Gogh on the internet,
but as your information is shared on the Wikipedia page
we find it usefull to ask you to correct this information."

The same email asks another interesting question
about another van Gogh painting
that might have been owned
by someone from the family.

both comments need to be analysed,
update of the information in process ...

Prices of van Gogh paintings
sold at Auctions

1906 to 1941
The Red Vineyard at the Trubetzkoy Palace in Moscow ???

Sergei Shchukin
The Red Vineyard was bought in the same year
by the Russian textile business man,
Sergei Shchukin,
an important Collector of Impressionist and Post Impressionist Art.

Exactitude of this information needs to be reverified.

The paintings of his collection decorated the walls of his home in
the Trubestkoy Palace.
The Sergei Shchukin's collection is comprised of
57 paintings by Picasso,
38 by Matisse, 16 Gauguins, 13 Monets, 8 Cezannes
as well as works by Renoir, Rousseau, Signac, and Toulouse-Lautrec.
As to van Gogh, Sergei Shchukin owned 4 paintings,
"the Red Vineyard", "the Night Cafe", "Portrait of Dr Rey" and XX.

Sergei Shchukin's large dining room
From 1906 until 1917, the Red Vineyard
was in one of these halls of the Shchukin manison

Shchukin Mansion MoscowMusic Room Shchukin Mansion
pictures of the Shchukin mansion in Moscow

newleay added following a conversation with Natalia Brodskaya (see below)
1909 Sergei Shchukin writes his will following the death of his first wife
His collection should belong the the country of Russia.

Following the Russian Revolution
1918, November 18 Vladimir Lenin
signed a law to appropriate all of Shchukin´s paintings
Sergei Shchukin was able to leave to Paris,
where he lived for the rest of his life.

His house became the State Museum of Western Art.
know where the Red Vineyard was located Paris,
discover Sergei Shushkin's mansion

does anybody know where the Red Vineyard was displayed at Shushkin mansion ?
Please contact the Cremerie de Paris

1936 January 10 death of Sergei Shchukin
1936 February 25 death of Anna Boch
1941 January 3 death of Eugene Boch

1941 the painting was evacuated to Novosibirsk
as the Government of Russia wanted to protect it from
the Nazis and bombing during the War.

The Red Vineyard at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow

Pushkin Museum
Pushkin Museum in Moscow,
present home of the Red Vineyard

1948 Joseph Stalin closed the State Museum
as he considered the building to be too bourgeois.

The paintings were randomly divided between the Pushkin Museum in Moscow
and the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

The Red VineyardVan Gogh Room in the Pushkin MuseumRed Vineyard in the Pushikn Museum
The Red Vineyard was given by the State of Russia to the Pushkin Museum
and it is located there still.

Dr Therèse Thomas
1978 The Anna Boch expert
Dr Therèse Thomas had the opportunity to travel to Moscow
participating in an organised cultural program.
During this trip she "escaped" from the "official" program
and took a taxi to the Puskin Museum
where she saw the painting
... but at the time it was strictly forbidden to take pictures.

Until the fall of the iron gate
acces to the Shchukin Collection was very difficult
for people from the Western World.

Today 149 pictures from the Shchukin Collection
are in the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg,
84 are in the Pushkin Museum of Moscow,
2 are still in Baku, 1 in Odessa.

Nathalia Brodskaya decorated by the French Republic as chevallier des Arts et des Lettre
The person in Russia that knows the most
about the Shchukin Collection
is a certain Mrs Brodskaya,
a curator of the Hermitage Museum
and writer of many books on French Impressionist Painters.
2010 France has made her "chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et Lettres".

The World's most valuable paintings

If the "Red Vineyard" should ever be sold,
(which is not likely to happen)
it might be
the world´s most expensive painting
as besides
it´s exceptional "Beauty"
it has the "Legend"
of being
the only painting,
Vincent van Gogh
probably the World´s most famous artist,
sold during his lifetime.

Mona Lisa by Leonardi da Vinci
The only other painting which,
if sold at the same auction (which is not likely to happen either)
might reach a higher price
is the also "legendary"
Mona Lisa by Leonardi da Vinci
today exhibited in the Louvre in

Like the Red Vineyard, the Mona Lisa has a lot of magic connected to it.
The fact that is was stolen in 1911 has added massive value to the painting.

The Mona Lisa is located a few hundred metters from the Cremerie de Paris.
Once upon a time King Henry IV created a private tunnel
between the Louvre and the Hotel de Villeroy (Cremerie de Paris)

above BBC Documentary Video about valuable paintings
is interesting to watch,

... but the fascination for money of the reporter
has someting unhealthy
far from real art collectors
like Anna Boch or Sergei Shchukin.
Well the collectors presented in the Video
were not the ones that had direct acces
to Van Gogh, Picasso or Matisse.

1971 January 10 death of Coco Chanel
1993 June acquisition of the Cremerie de Paris opened as a Sony Boutique.
1995/1999 little by little the Cremerie turns into the first Internetcafe in France.

2000 January 25 registration at the Cremerie de Paris of the Phonebook of the domain
2000 January first registration at the Cremerie de Paris (Cybercafe de Paris) of the Anna domain name.
Due to transfer problems with Network Solutions the domain is lost two years later.

2002 April10 re-registration of the domain

2007 December 20 death of Helen von Boch

2010 August 4, under the inspiration of Beatrice von Boch
the Anna Boch website is finally launched ... after having paid the domain renewal fees for 10 years
2011 March 11 death of Beatrice von Boch
2011/2012 Reopening of the Cremerie de Paris as a Pop Up Expo Center

2015 Mai 18 registration of the The Red domain

Thanks to the Red Vineyard
meeting a fascinating Russian Lady
on a street of Meudon near Paris

2015 may 29 took place the "fête des voisins",
an event in France where you can meet people in the neighborhood.
There was an elderly Lady that spoke perfect French
with almost no accent. She did not seam to know many people ...
The editor of this article started talking ....

In fact the Lady was from Russia,
just visiting a friend,
the legendary Roseline Granet,
a sculptor that is always walking her dog ...

Mrs Granet is extremely interesting.
She is a little bit a "living legend" in Meudon,
not only as a sculptor ...
Before meeting her rhumors were in the air that
she was the daughter of Gustave Eiffel
... well if you look at the dates this is not possible
but there is a very close connection,
in fact her husband is the gransdon
and her children the direct descendants of the father of the Eiffel Tower.

Apparently the Russian Lady is visiting Paris every year
and she is very interested by Modern Art.
Apparently she is from a museum ...
Her name Nathalia Brodskaya

The conversation comes across Vincent van Gogh

"You know I once had a great uncle
that was an Impressionist painter.
I would have loved to meet him,
but he died a long time before I was born.
I only know about him through stories
and one day my grandmother pushed me to make a website about him ...

My great uncle knew Vincent van Gogh.
He influenced his sister Anna to buy a van Gogh painting,
apparently the only one the artist sold during his lifetime"

Nathalia Broddskaya "Do you mean The Red Vineyard ?
It is
the crown jewel of Russia's Modern art collection."

It is agreed to meet again the next day ...

The next day

This Video for the fashion house Nefer Couture was just finshed.

The editor of this article invites Nathalia Brodskaya and her friend
to have a café in the center of Paris
at his office at the Cremerie de Paris.

Unfortunately Roseline Granet had to travel to Normandy
but she said
"you will be surprised by all what Natalia knows :-)"

Nathalia Brodskaya
Cremerie de Paris is a legendary milk store in Paris
which the editor reopened in the mid 1993
as a Sony Video store which became the first Internetcafe in France.
The place is also part of Russian history
as the Romanov children
Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei
grew up with fairy tale stories about it.

The legendary Natalia Brodskaya from the Hermitage Museum.
in the staircase which was a childhood place for Louis XIV
who played there with his friends Francois de Villeroy
and his sister Catherine de Villeroy.
Cremerie de

The visitors of the early Cybercafe
were the most fascinating.
Already connected Americans visiting Paris
and desperately looking for internet access to use something
nobody in France knew about: "email".

Buzz Aldrin in 1969, photo by Neil Armstrong
We encountered many tech pioneers
most of the time not even realizing who they were
... or who they were going to become.
Some were already older,
one had walked on the Moon,
another one had, as a young woman,
been a friend of Alexander Graham Bell,
the inventor of the phone.

With the inspiration of these avant garde
Cybercafe visitors
we started a collection of iconic Internet Domains
which were later transformed into different websites:

Phone Book of the
Phone Book of the World,

Grand Hotels of the
Grand Hotels of the World

and many many
smaller cultural projects
like Anna or Eugene

Junichi Masuda, co-inventor of the Pokemon and Ben von Solms on the staircase of the Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy
Yaniv Abittan, organiser of a Renault Twingo pop Up Store

2011 Cremerie de Paris was converted
into a Pop Up Expo space.
Very creative people like Junichi Masuda of Yaniv Abittan
come by to organise Pop Up Events
for Very Beautiful Brands
they work with or they have invented.

Hermitage Museum
While talking the editor realises that Nathalia
is a senior curator of one of the World's most famous Museums
the iconic Hermitage
She has written many books about Impressionis artists.

Wahh, it's not every day you run into a Lady
with such a cultural background.

Sergei Shchukin
Nathalia is an export on the
Russian Modern Art Collection.

Shchukin was by far
the world's most significant collector of Modern Art.
A  Lady from Russia he meets on a little street near Paris.
Yes this Lady is the curator of one of the two museums
where the most of 's
his spectecular Shchukin collection is now.

Nathalia Brodskaya
After the visit of the Cremerie de Paris
and several coffees at the Bistro des Halles
the editor just did not want to let her go ...

Instead of driving her back to Meudon
the afternoon continues
with a visit to the Bernheim Jeune  Art Gallerie,

first the former location at place de la Madeleine
and then the present one rue du Fbg St Honoré.

... followed by a couple of drinks at the Hotel le Bristol.
A truely fascinating day ...

Suddenly the editor gets
a completely different point of view
on Sergei Shchikin.

Hopefully we will meet again ...

2015 May 31 while writing this article the next day,
is registered the Sergei domain name
hopefully the debut of another adventure ....

When he says goodbye to the
fascinating Natalia Brodskaya
she thanks him for having show her the Cremerie de Paris
and she asks him a question.
I loved this staircase at the Cremerie.
It must have so much history ...

Did your uncle ever show the Cremerie de Paris
to his friend Vincent van Gogh ??

Has Vincent van Gogh
ever been to the Cremerie de Paris ?

Unfortunately uncle Eugène was very shy
and unlike his sister Anna,
he never kept a diary ...

Most the editor of this article knows about Eugène
comes from stories
Maria von Boch Brügman, his grandfather and Helen von Boch have
told him when he was a young / less young child.

Many things are unknown about his life ....
but the more he and his friend Dr Therèse Thomas continue to research
the more they find
different pieces reconnect like a puzzle.

Has Vincent van Gogh
ever been at the Cremerie de Paris ??

For the Moment the editor of this website does not know.

Vincent van Goch and Eugen Boch
Obviously uncle Eugene (1855- 1941) knew
that the old Villeroys lived there.

According to Therese Thomas it is possible
even most likely Eugene Boch
had showed Cremerie to firends from Paris.
Did he see
Vincent van Gogh
in Paris in the years 1888 to 1890 ?

View over the historic center of Paris, 1887
During those years they lived
walking distance from each other in Paris Montmartre
not very far from the center of Paris
where is located the Cremerie de Paris (since 1869)
part of the Hotel de Villeroy (since 1370 / 1640) .

Eugen and Octavie von Boch
The direct uncle of Eugene and Anna Boch
(older brother of their father Victor Boch)
was Eugene von Boch (1808 - 1898)
who was married to Octavie Villeroy (1823-1899)
They were also the great great grandparents
of the editor of this website
who currently manages the Cremerie de Paris.

Octavie Villeroy was the granddaughter
of the ceramics entrepreneur Nicolas Villeroy (1759-1843)
Eugen von Boch was the grandson of the
ceramics entrepreneur Pierre Joseph Boch (1737-1818)

Nobody knows if there is any link
between Nicolas Villeroy
and the old French State adviser Nicolas de Villeroy
During the French Revolution the roots were lost.
Most probably not.

Nicolas IV de VilleroyNicolas V de Villeroy
Nicolas IV de Villeroy
(secretary of state and advisor of 4 Kings of France)
and his grandson Nicolas V de Villeroy
(educator of King Louis XIV)
The Villeroys lived at the Hotel de Villeroy until 1671

When the editor of this website arrived at the mansion in 1993
he had few ideas about it's fascinating history
and all these historic links ...

Coco Chanel in 1958
It's only that he head heard via Coco Chanel
that Vincent van Gogh had once been there ...

Cremerie de Paris and it's historic staircase
were a secret nightwalk destination
for Chanel and her Brazilian friend Aimée de Heeren.
Both Ladies lived nearby
one at the Hotel Ritz
the other at the Hotel Meurice

how did Chanel know ?
She was too young to have met van Gogh in person ...

We have to continue to research ....

Ben Solms
Never having cared about the age
of his friends
and talking to all kinds of people
sometimes met somewhere in the street
the editor of this website had
direct access to fascinating history.
And when you start to research even more
it's amazing all what you find ....

A year later

the unusual meeting with above
mentioned fascinating Lady from the Hermitage Museum
in St Petersburg
met on the street in 2015
continues ...

Post Impressionism by Nathalia Brodskaya
While adding this little paragraph
the editor discovers the book Post Impressionism
written by Nathalia Brodskaya

Cremerie de Paris N3 and Maison RougeCremerie de Paris N°6 and Maison Rouge
Last week (june 2016) she was back to Paris
where in the meantime
we have added a new Cremerie de Paris
and the Pop Up Café Maison Rouge.
Cremerie de N3

Brasserie Maison Rouge

The Cremerie de Paris is new Pop Up Store location
and the Maison Rouge can be converted as a Pop Up Cafe
to match a new Pop Up Store.
Maison Rouge is one of the historic Brasseries
of the Halles foodmarket -
after having been closed for a long time it reopened in April 2006.

Pop Up Store Final Fantasy
Cremerie de Paris N°6 december 2016
launching the computer game Final Fantasy XV

We found out that Picasso
liked to play Billiard ar the Maison Rouge
but no new discoveries concerning Vincent van Gogh.

Nathalia Brodskaya and Ben von Solms having a cafe au lait at the Pop Up Cafe Maison Rouge
Nathalia Brodskaya and the editor of this article
at the Pop Up Cafe Maison Rouge
located on 12 rue de la Ferronnerie,
next to the new Pop Up Store Cremerie de Paris N°6

And while having a café
they talk about new discoveries
concerning the history of the Cremerie de Paris.

Last month we found out
that a long long time ago
saturday May 22 1717
the Russian Tsar
Peter the Great (1682-1725)
had a connection with our Cremerie de Paris.

While visitng Paris he went to see
Louis Leon Pajot
who owned the Cremerie at the time.
Pajot was running the Royal French Postal services
and he had a fascinating collection of
scientific instruments.

Nathalia Brodskaya tells him in French

"vous savez Ben,
le plus vous faites des recherches
le plus vous decouvrez
des choses fascinantes ...
Tout ce qu'il faut est de continuer
grâce à votre grand oncle
il y a encore plein de choses
à decouvrir sur van Gogh

Il faut continuer vos recherches ..."

"you know Ben
it is fascinating to research,
because the more you research
the more you find out.
With your great uncle
there are still a lot of things
to discovered about van Gogh

You just have to keep going ..."

Nathalia Brodskaya and and David Aron Benali in front of the future Metro Exit Marguerite de Navarre
The conversation continues
2016 october 9.
David Aron Benali
that helped with the Cremerie de Paris
also loves it.

The subway exit
"Chatelet les Halles - Marguerite de Navarre"
construction still has a long way to go
and many difficulties,
linked to the noise and dust of the constructions
have to be handled.

2 years later

2017 May 5 opened the new subway exit,

Nathalia Brodskaya and Ben Solms on the new Metro Exit Marguerite de Navarre
Nathalia Brodskaya is back to Paris
and of course she wants to see the new subway exit
in front of the Cremeries.

The day is full of action,
GRDF, the French Electicity company that comletely
blocks our Cremerie N°6 with their construction works
had just come to cut electricity of Cremerie N°2
due to the late registration of a bill payment.

The same day comes Siemens
to book Cremerie N°1 for a Siemens Electronic Galley Pop Up Store ...
Nathalia Brodskaya that has seen many faces of Russia,
from Stalin to Gorbatchev & Putin just smiles.

Cremerie de
Anna Boch that used to help young people
would probably have given a little support to her young nephew
so we would make it through
the almost endless construction period.

From the ultra wealthy direct von Boch uncles of today,
there was nobody, absolutely nobody
during the long 6 years construction.

Great-great-great aunt Anna
and her brother Eugène
the editor of this article had never met
have left a magical present
"Vincent van Gogh"
and magic has something magical.

Like Coco Chanel they helped to attract
the most unusual brands to come ...

Cremeries de Paris
a Meeting Place
for the World's most famous Brands.

Vincent van Goch and Eugen Boch

Well if Eugène Boch,
Vincent van Gogh or Anna Boch
be able to come today
to come by today they would loved it ....

Nathalia Brodskaya
would have impressed them
with her extensive art knowledge
and Russia's impressive Modern Art Collection

Dr Therese Thomas
would also have fascinated them
with all her passion for history.

She has done so much
for Anna Boch's reputation
and educated the editor of this article
when he was still a child.

and there are so many
ultra creative young people
connected to every new Pop Up Event
They are just fun to talk to

if you have some time
explore our video website

3 years later

Amazon, Cremerie de Paris
and Vincent van Gogh

2018 spring & summer
the construction of the Metro exit is finished
but the city of Paris has the idea
to renovate rue des Halles,
again making it extremly difficult to operate.
All Pop Up Stores cancel ...

2018 September 7 arrives
a beautiful young Lady, Julie Joie.
The editor of the article did not know
she was send by Jeff Bezos from Seattle
to find a place to
open the first Amazon Pop Up Store in France.

Cremerie de Paris is much to small for what she is looking for,
but none of the other locations in Paris
has any of the crazy & funny story
linked to true history ...

Amazon Cafe and Pop Up Store
2018 november Amazon is the first brand
to set up a Pop Up Store
in 4 different Cremeries de Paris
all at the same time.

"Amazon La Maison du Pere Noel"
organised by
Julie Richard and Mathilde Champion from Moon Events
with the help of the decorator Marie Helene Galet.

Eugene Boch and Vincent van Gogh
would have been fascinated
to see all the cute Lutins & Lutines
present different products
selected by Annelise Menard from Amazon.

One of them called "Alexa" is a machine you can talk to
to light up the bed of Santa Claus.
Alexa also notices when your fridge gets empty
and automatically orders resupplies.

Unfortunatly the barriers of time did not allow them to meet.

Walk through the Amazon Pop Up Store
with theese images from Google Maps

Vincent van Goch

Vincent van Gogh, self portrait

Unfortunately for Vincent van Gogh
Amazon did not exit at his time.

The Red Vineyard is beleived to be only
painting he sold
during his lifetime.

With Amazon, van Gogh could have
been able to open an Amazon online store
and suddenly his talent
would have been admired by
a global audience.

Besides his paintings
he could have made
a collection of T-shirts, mugs,
mousepads, postcards ...

Van Gogh's sister in law
could have published his letters as a book ...

Amazon would have helped Vincent van Gogh
to sell his creations
directly to the World.

No need for connections
like the wealthy great-aunt Anna Boch ...

History of some van Gogh Paintings

The one and only painting sold during van Gogh´s life

The Red VineyardAnna Boch
1890 The Red Vineyard was the only Painting van Gogh sold during his lifetime
for 400 Francs (around 1600 $ today) to Anna Boch.
Due to it´s Legend
the painting (if ever sold ... which is unlikely to happen)
might be the most expensive painting of the World
(after the Mona Lisa)

The biggest sales of van Gogh paintings

Portrait od Dr Gachet
Joseph Roulin
Self Portrait
Wheat Field
Mr Ryoei Saito
Mr Alan Bond
followed by
Getty Museum
Yasuda Life
Mr Steve Wynn
139 million $
101,3 million $ +
101,6 million $
94,9 million $
86 million $
77 million $
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:

Van Gogh painting given as a present

Eugene Boch by Vincent van GoghJohanna van Gogh BognerEugene Boch
1891 The Portrait of Eugene Boch was given by Anna van Gogh Bonger
to Eugene Boch as a present.
1941 Eugene Boch donated the painting to the Louvre / Musee d´Orsay.