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Anna Boch (1848 - 1936)

Anna Boch Collection

Anna Boch by Isidore Verheyden

Anna Boch was a Belgian painter,
born in Saint-Vaast, Hainaut,
in the 5th generation of the Boch family
who made Ceramics since 1748

Her father Victor Boch operated the company
Boch Freres
and her uncle Eugen von Boch
the company Villeroy & Boch.

Anna Boch in 1875
Anna Boch participated in the
Neo-Impressionist and Impressionnist movement.
Her early works used a Pointillist technique, but she is best known for her Impressionist style.

As a pupil of Isidore Verheyden,
she was influenced by Théo van Rysselberghe.
She was the only woman to be part of the Art Moovement Les XX.
Villa Anna
click on the image
to discover Villa Anna
in Brussels

Opening Expo Anna Boch

Anna Boch´s own paintings

Anna Boch painted 913 paintings
(as far as we know today)

Anna Boch Poster Delphinums and Chrysanthemes
Delphiniums and Chrysanthemes
Anna Boch
Anna Boch Poster  a bord de la riviere
By the River; a Bord De La Riviere
Anna Boch
Anna Bpch Poster Zeeland
A View of Verre, Zeeland, c.1906
Anna Boch
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Stillife Paintings

Farm Houses

South of France

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Besides her own paintings,
Anna Boch owned one of the most important collections of impressionist paintings of its time.
Thanks to her father´s ceramics business
and her moderate down to earth lifestyle she was financially well off, all her life.
This gave her the possibility to promote young artists,
including unknown Vincent van Gogh, who had no success
and whom she admired for his talent. She knew about him through her younger brother Eugene.

Eugen Boch painted by Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh painted by Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh was a friend of her brother Eugene Boch.
The portrait "The Poet" (Le peintre aux Etoiles) was done in September 1888 in the Yellow House in Arles.

Van Gogh paintings bought by Anna Boch

It might also be
that Anna Boch
bought the painting
... to please
to her younger brother

Eugene Boch
to whom
she was very close
Vigne Rouge by Vincent van Gogh
"Le Vigne Rouge"
(The Red Vineyard)
was painted
Nov 5 1888.
Anna Boch purchased it
in 1890,
during the Brussels
Art Expo at les 20.

It is believed to be the only painting
Van Gogh sold during his lifetime.
the Red Vineyard at Arles
The Red Vineyard at Arles, c.1888

Vincent Van Gogh

The painting made Anna Boch
enter the history books.
She was the very first one,
years ahead of her time,
to buy a Van Gogh painting.
She payed only 400 Francs
(1600 $ in today´s value)
for one of the World´s
most prestigeous and valuable Paintings
probably worth over
a 100 million $

The Painting is currently at the Pushkin Museum
in Moscow.
Buy at
The Red Vineyard at Arles...
Vincent Van Gogh
years ahead of her time
Anna Boch
Van Gogh paintings
Peach blossoms in the Crau
"La plaine de la Crau"
was the second Van Gogh painting bought by Anna Boch
at the Tanguy Gallery in Paris
in 1891.
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Van Gogh: Peach Tree, 1889

Vincent Van Gogh

La Seine à la Grand Jatte by Georges Seurat was one of several hundred
high profile paintings in Anna Boch´s collection.
Today the painting is in the Musee Royal de Beaux Arts in Brussels.

Buy at
The Seine by the Island of Jatte in the Seine
Georges Seurat

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Anna Boch, Eugene Bochvoiture MinervaAnna Boch The shores of Brittany 1901
Anna Boch travelling and painting around the coasts of France

Anna Boch´s Heritage

Anna Boch and Eugene Boch in 1930
Anna and her brother Eugen Boch in 1930.
Most of the Anna Boch collection was sold after her death in 1936.
In her will, she donated the money to pay for the retirement of poor artist friends.
Some paintings were also donated to the Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

Ida van Haelewijn under the PergolaIda van Haelewijn and Dr Luitwin von BochIda van Haelewijn as a child
140 paintings were left to Anna´s godchild, Ida van Haelewijn,
daughter of the gardener Antoine van Haelewijn.
In 1968 Anna´s great nephiew,
Luitwin von Boch,
a successful & visionary entrepreneur
aquired the entire collection for a future Anna Boch Museum
... years ahead of his time.

Dr Therese Thomas and Luitwin von Boch
In 1979 Luitwin von Boch opened the Museum of Ceramics
where a very limited number of Anna Boch paintings could be seen
next to ceramic treasures produced by the family for over 200 years.

Luitwin & Beatrice von BochAlte Abtei MettlachOld Abbey in MettlachAlter Turm
The paintings remained in Ida van Haelewijn´s house
until the end of her life in 1992.
A permanent Anna Boch Exposition
has open in april 2011 the above building in Mettlach / Germany .

LG von BochDonata Reisig
opening night of the Anna Boch Exposition

Dr Therese Thomas
Dr Thérèse Thomas, once hired by Luitwin von Boch
to run the Museum of Ceramics in Mettlach,
has a passion for Anna Boch.
She collected uncountable information on her.
Never discouraging Dr Thomas kept searching and followed up on any source
to recuparate valuable and lost Information
of the times of the Impressionists.

Catalogue Raisonne by Dr Thérèse Thomas

Famous, historic Investments

Anna Boch (1848 - 1936) and David Packard (1912-1996)
never met,
but both made history
by making a historic investment.

Both understood the value of something nobody else was able to see.
Years ahead of their time ...
investments requiring very little money
that have become "priceless" today:

- Anna Boch bought The Red Vineyard painting on January 18 1890,
the only painting Van Gogh sold during his lifetime,
for 400 Francs (the equivalent of around $ 1600 in today´s values)
Van Gogh died July 29 1890
and soon his paintings became valuable,
more and more valuable,
extremly valuable.
Le Vigne Rouge, bought in 1988 by Anna Boch for 400 Francs
Today, 120 years later, Vincent van Gogh
is the world´s most famous artist
and The Red Vinyard,
(if ever sold),
might be the World´s most expensive painting
(next to the also priceless Mona Lisa)

the 7 most expensive Van Gogh paintings that have been sold:
Portrait od Dr Gachet
Joseph Roulin
Self Portrait
Wheat Field
Mr Ryoei Saito
Mr Alan Bond
followed by
Getty Museum
Yasuda Life
Mr Steve Wynn
139 million $
101,3 million $ +
101,6 million $
94,9 million $
86 million $
77 million $
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
7 of the 36 most important Art Sales are Van Goghs
see the List of the Most Expensive Painting

- David Packard registered the Internet Domain on March 3 1986
years ahead of his time ...
for less than 100 $

It is the very first among the World´s shortest Internet Adresses !
In 1986 nobody knew about Internet.
Internet started to become popular 8 years later, in 1984,
with the launch of the website of the Whitehouse
an initiative of the newly elected modern thinking
President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. - registered in 1986 for a couple of Dollars
Today, 24 years later,
the World has changed ...

The value of the Internet Domain has become priceless.
Not only priceless,
every year the super simple helps generate
several billion $
in Internet sales.

David Packard understood that
one of the keys to succes is simple, easy to understand marketing.
With a spelling as complicated as,
the full company name
(called afer Bill Hewlett and himself, David Packard)
he would never have become a
World Leader in a Global Market.

Today is the World´s largest Computer Manufacturer
worth more than
50 billion $.

Super Domains could be registered for a couple of Dollars
in the very early years of the Internet (1986 - 1995)
even much less than Van Gogh Vigne Rouge painting.

Today these domains exceed the price of a Van Gogh painting,
but most of the times their transaction remains a well kept secret.

These might be the 7 most important Transaction (1998 - 2010):

LG Corp
Lucky Goldstar
Apple Inc
& Mauritz
amount: secret +100 million $
8,5 million $
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:

Le Vigne Rouge, bought in 1988 by Anna Boch for 400 Francs
"The Red Vineard"
bought by Anna Boch
... it´s first sale of only
van Gogh Paintings

see also
list of all van Gogh paintings
also means
"Hewlett Packard",

... it´s the very first of only

Super Short
.com Internet Adresses
(Two Letter Domains)
There are over 100 million .com domain today ...

see also
see also Internet Hall of Fame


Helen von Boch
see also 8th generation,
Designer for Ceramics
Helen von

Stephanie von Fuerstenberg
see also 8th generation,
Stephanie von Fuerstenberg

Helene de Maneville
see also 9th generation,
Helene de Maneville

About this website

Eugene Boch
This website was set up in August 2010
in Mettlach, Germany
by a great great great
nephew of Anna Boch.

Beatrice von BochWalburga BambergerDonata ReisigAdeline Reimer
The inspiration to make the
Anna and Eugene
websites came from
Beatrice von Boch,
and her friends
Walburga Bamberger, Donata Reisig & Adeline Reimer
and the
renowned historian Dr Thérèse Thomas.
Dr Therese Thomas

Beatrice von Boch passed away
a few months later.
This was an End of an Era.
It was also the end of a certain savoir faire
in favour of innovation, culture,
spirit of entrepreneurship,
countless inventions
and creativity ...
that had brought prosperity over the entire region.

The joy to find so many interesting
historical information
when making the Eugene and Anna Boch websites
had an impact on the later creation of a multitude of
other projects,
no longer edited from beautiful Mettlach,
but from a city that,
today more than ever before,
loves, attracts &
honors creativity
... Paris

Cremerie de
Cremerie de
the place from from where
Eugene is edited now.

Back in 1870 Cremerie de Paris started as an iconic milk store
near the Pavillons Baltard, the Paris Halles foodmarket.
Studying it's history we found out that
it was known by many
artistic people.
Fashion designers, like Coco Chanel,
early photographers, like Charles Marville
or Impressionist painters around Anna and Eugène Boch.

Cremerie de Paris Talents
Cremerie de Paris is
located at the historic
Hotel de Villeroy built in 1640
at the corner of
rue des Halles and rue des Déchargeurs
It's a hotspot
in the heart of Paris
and in the heart of the history of France
with a magic attraction
on creative talents through a long period of time.

In 2011,
Cremerie de Paris became
an Expo Center for Very Beautiful Brands.
It has since then hosted Expos
of world famous companies.

Palace Hotels of the
Palace Hotels of the,
a Hotel Culture Info site

Museums which show Anna Boch Paintings
or Paintings from the Anna Boch Collection

Pushkin Museum Moscow
Musees Royaux de Beaux Arts
Keramik Museum Mettlach
Musee Royal de Mariemont
Van Gogh Huis

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