Anna Boch in the souvenirs of her niece Odette de Bliginières
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Anna Boch

in the souvenirs of her niece
Odette de Bliginières


souvenirs from a Lady that lives in Paris

souvenirs of little Odette de Blignières
at the time she met Anna Boch:
(picture taken a few years before)

C'était il y a bien, bien longtemps,
au lendemain de la guerre I4-I8
nous passions une moitie de l'année à Luxembourg, ou j'étais née
et l'hiver chez ma grand mère à Bruxelles 37 avenue Louise
Ma grand mère, Isabelle Pescatore, était née Nothomb,
fille de Jean Batiste Nothomb dont la femme était né Boch.

C'est alors que j'ai le souvenir oh! bien combien lointain,
plus de 80 ans,
d'avoir accompagne ma mère lors d'une visite chez Anna Boch,
je vois encore une très grande pièce ou était amenagé des orges ....
c'est tout ... je devais avoir 8 ans ou est ce le fruit de mon imagination ?
Le 370 av Louise était à l'angle du Rond Point don't je crois me souvenir
!? qu'Anna Boch vivait de l'autre côté du Rond Point
et du square qui descend aux etamps d'Ixelles ...

to enlarge this little note

Anna Boch at the time she met Odette

the 'keyboard' of Anna Boch's orgues
in her will Anna Boch decided
to leave the Orgues to a poor church
in the neigbourhood
today they are in the church Saint Aldegonde
where they have even been used to record concerts

translated into English:

It was long, long time ago
right after World War I
we lived half of the jear in Luxembourg, where I was born
and during the winter with my grandmother,
Isabelle Pescatore,
born Nothomb,
daugther of Jean Batiste Nothomb whose wife was Boch.

It is from there that I remember,
oh ! how long ago, over 80 years
to have accompagnied my mother to visit Anna Boch,
I still remember a very big room with orgues....
thats all... I must have had 8 years or is it the result of my imagination ?
370 av Louise was in the corner of Rond Point
and Anna Boch lived at the other side of the Rond Point
and of the square that goes to the lakes of Ixelles ...

Odette de Blignières
is quite an unusual person
born in I9II she is full of energy
and gives at least 3 dinners a week ...
at the time she caused scanal
getting divorced at age age 2I
and than again age 29
her father, furious, cutting off any ressources
she went to Paris to become a model for Coco Chanel
and today she still is in PARIS

Anna Boch playing violon
we do not know the name of the artist